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What is fragrance /body perfume oil?

 Fragrance oil is used to make a number of cosmetic products, like cologne, perfume, soaps, candles, lotions, etc. Adding fragrance oil to alcohol makes perfume and cologne sprays usually purchased at department stores. The mixture is usually about 10-15% oil and 80-85% alcohol. Cologne and perfume sprays only last for a short period of time, unless you put on an excessive amount. This is because the alcohol speeds up the evaporation process. This is why perfume and colognes are so strong when first sprayed and then dissipates so quickly. These fragrance oils contain absolutely no alcohol or sulfides, because oil takes much longer to evaporate. These cologne and perfume oils give off a consistent aroma that lasts!!


Some other ideas...

 Fragrance oils have multiple uses. Try adding a few drops to some burning candle wax, bath water, simmering water on the stove, lotion, soap, or some cotton balls. You can place the cotton balls in your dresser, put them in an open container and place them in your bathroom, bedroom, closet, anywhere. Fragrance oils will out last any air freshener bought at the retail store. Body sprays smell good, but oils last forever!



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